Thanks to all participants for joining us in the first joint AITVM / STVM conference, which took place from 4-8 September 2016 in Berlin!

Disease control 1 @ToG - Christoph Gödan

Conference Topic I: Disease Control

Subtopics include: Zoonotic diseases and One health, Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases, Vector-borne Diseases, Diseases and Trade and Drug Resistance

Training and capacity building 1 @FUB - Maximilian Baumann

Conference Topic II: Food Safety

Genetic resources biodiversity animal production 2 @FUB - Peter-Henning Clausen

Conference Topic III: Genetic Resources, Biodiversity and Animal Production

Rural development and production 1 @FUB - Babul Roy

Conference Topic IV: Rural Development and Production

Subtopics include: Structural Changes in Production Systems and From Emergency Action to Sustainable Support


Conference Topic V: Training and Capacity Building


Conference Topic VI: Animal Welfare