DAAD Grant for FUB Alumni

A satellite meeting for Alumni of the Freie Universitaet Berlin (FUB) will be held during the AITVM-STVM conference. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will finance the Alumni Conference Grant Package for 25 FUB alumni from Africa and Southeast Asia to attend this meeting and the AITVM-STVM conference.


A DAAD Alumni Conference Grant Package includes

  • Airfare from and to Asia or Africa (up to around 1000 Euro, economy class)

  • Daily allowances (incl. accommodation) for up to 8 days

  • A 50% contribution to the 1st International AITVM-STVM Conference fee

  • Participation in the DAAD Alumni Satellite Meeting events (facilities and presentation materials (pin board, flip chart, laptop and beamer, etc.) will be provided and the activities will be moderated):

      • Alumni “Home Coming” Reception - A social function allowing networking between Alumni and meeting “old” friends and classmates
      • Alumni Market Place - An opportunity for Alumni to present his/her working context, ongoing projects, new ideas, planned projects and concepts to fellow alumni and the general public
      • Alumni Continuing Education Corner - A chance to present and promote postgraduate training programmes, continuing education activities offered and/or demanded, and to discuss future training and education needs and challenges
      • Alumni “Best Practice” Workshop - The possibility to report, beyond the usual conference presentation and/or poster format, on `best practice´ methods or techniques as encountered in projects, the community and at work. The aim will be to encourage fellow alumni and the conference audience to implement the presented practices in different contexts  
      • DAAD Alumni Club VPHAAP (Veterinary Public Health Association for Asia Pacific) Meeting

Application- and selection procedures for DAAD Alumni Conference Grants


  • Any alumni of the Freie Universität Berlin International Master Programs in International Animal Health and their partner universities in Southeast Asia and Eastern Africa, as well as

  • any former Doctoral, MSc and PhD student from Asia and Africa of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin

  • any former DAAD stipend holders from Asia and Africa who studied veterinary medicine, animal production and/or international animal health in Berlin.


Application procedure and documents

  • CV, including information on:

    • Part(s) of the studies which were performed in Germany

    • Career advancement after graduation

  • Publication list

  • Contributions to extra-mural post-study alumni work and/or development work

  • Abstract for oral presentation/ poster for the 1st Joint AITVM-STVM Conference following the guidelines which can be found here

  • Possible contributions to topics of the DAAD Alumni Satellite Meeting events (see description above)


The selection will be made by the Local Organizing Committee and is based on

  • Career advancement

  • Scientific merit of the provided abstract

  • The applicant’s contributions towards advancement of DAAD alumni and German cooperation in developing countries

Deadline for receipt of DAAD Alumni Conference Grant documents student award application packet: March 31, 2016. Reviews will be completed by or before May 6, 2016.

Complete application (documents preferably as separate attachments in Microsoft Word or pdf format) must be submitted by e-mail to:

Chair Local Organising Committee AITVM-STVM conference
Dr. Maximilian Baumann

Indicating under “Subject”: Application for DAAD Alumni Conference Grant